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Dhamani Health Insurance welcomes you

Types of health insurance we offer

  Whether you are looking for health insurance for you alone or for you and your family or for an employee working for you or with you or a group of them  you will find with us the health insurance that suits you

Group health insurance

Health insurance for employees working in any business sector

Health insurance for the individual

Any Iraqi or foreign person who wants health insurance in Iraq

Family health insurance

Health insurance for all families , small or large

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About Damani Health Insurance

Damani is a health insurance program that is administratively and legally affiliated with Mercy Hands. The management of the program is located in Karrada, Baghdad, Iraq.

Damani health insurance is the best health insurance in Iraq, hands down. For a small monthly premium, you can get comprehensive medical services anytime and anywhere in Iraq. The regulations and method of health insurance work are clear, simple and feasible



For inquiries contact us at

Baghdad, Iraq

+964 770 508 0603

Thank you for messaging us

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