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Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi


Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi graduated from Al-Nahrain College of Medicine in the year 2000. He worked in the medical field in Baghdad for several years before immigrating to America in 2007. He received his Master's degree in Public Health from the University of Oklahoma in 2010, and a year earlier he obtained a Higher Diploma from Fordham University in New York. In 2014, Dr. Khaldoon was certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, and since that time, Dr. Khaldoon has been working as a physician in the emergency department of several hospitals in Georgia, USA. In 2019 he became the Medical Director of Emergency Department at Elbert Memorial Hospital.

Regarding his humanitarian effort, in the year 2004, Dr. Khaldoon co-founded Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid in Baghdad, Iraq, and since that time he has been serving as the Chairman of the organization. He also co-founded Lawyers for Women (Baghdad, 2017), Mercy Hands America (USA, 2017), and Mercy Hands Europe (Switzerland, 2019). 

Regarding entrepreneurship, Dr. Khaldoon founded the following for-profit programs/ companies: Dhamani Health Insurance (2017), IRADA for Agribusiness Development and Advancement (2018), 7th Sense for Media and Arts Production (2019), and Eduba Training Center (2020). 

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