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.....the start

The program started in the middle of 2019 as a self-initiative of Mercy Hands. At that time, Mercy Hands Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi was thinking of ways to attract local and international talents to Mercy Hands, and providing health insurance was one of those ways. In addition to attracting talented staff, the other benefit of providing health insurance to employees is by facilitating access to healthcare the employees will be in good health, and their days of absence due to illness will be reduced, and thus their efficiency and productivity will increase.


After the success of the initiative, Dr. Khaldoon  decided to develop and expand the initiative in the form of a health insurance program that provides its services to outsiders, mainly NGOs and small to intermediate size enterprises. 


The founding meeting of the extended version of Dhamani was held on February 23, 2020 at the headquarters of Mercy Hands in Baghdad, Iraq. The meeting was chaired by the founder of Damani Health Insurance program, Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi, and was attended by the lawyer, Ms. Amani Mohamad. 

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